Why you may want a presentation album

People need to know they belong to something.  For most of us, the place we most need to belong is in our family.  Having a presentation album created with the available information and photos of your ancestors and contemporary relatives is an investment in that feeling of belonging and connectedness for your entire family. 

The presentation albums that I help you create can be anything you want: 

  • the culmination of the research and work that has gone into gathering genealogical information and photos related to your family,

  • an introduction to the principles and staff in a professional office,

  • commemoration of the lives of individuals, 

  • memories of a single event such as a wedding or birthday,

  • a record of a process such as building a new home or remodeling or redecorating your present home.

In fact, it can be about anything you want to memorialize in words and/or pictures.  Check the "Types of Albums" page for other ideas.

At Evergreen Expressions, I help you tell your stories with pictures and narrative.  I arrange your story in an attractive setting so you can display it proudly to your friends and share it with other family members.