Types of Albums

Your presentation books can be organized in whatever ways you choose.  Presented below are some typical types for your consideration but they are only examples to give you some ideas as you decide what type of organization you want for your books.  You may either click on the links or scroll down to read them all

Heritage books Baby books
Tribute books Childhood books
Professional books Event books
Wedding books Theme books



Heritage books are designed to show the highlights of a person’s or a family’s life.  This might start with a history section without pictures that briefly tells the background of your family.  Then, starting with the oldest photographs available, perhaps that’s your grandparents or great-grandparents, the story of individuals along with the pictures would be in the spotlight.  You probably have more pictures and more information as you move forward in time, so you would have more pages for the section about your parents and yourself.  Sometimes you would want more than one album depending on how many pictures or family members you want to highlight.

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A memorial book commemorates the life of one or more people.  These can be used for retirements, birthdays (particularly for older people), anniversaries or other special occasions, and, of course, for funerals and memorial services.  In addition to photos and the story of the person or people, one can solicit cards or provide pieces of cardstock and request that friends write notes about their relationship or some remembrance of the person so their comments can be included in the book.

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When I go to the office of a doctor or lawyer or some other professional, I like to get to know a little bit about the people I'll be seeing.  A professional album in your waiting room is a big step in that direction.  As a client, I can pick up that book and see pictures and read about the education and background of the person with whom I have an appointment and other staff members.  Depending on the office, you might also want to include information about families as well. 

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A wedding book might include pictures and the story of the preparations for the big day and then both formal and informal photos from the wedding and reception.  You might also have photos from showers and pictures of gifts received.  You could also include photos of the decorations and various guests.

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Baby books usually cover the first year or two of a new baby’s life and would include the “firsts” for that baby.  First picture with Mom and Dad, with grandparents, etc.  First smile, first tooth, first steps, and so forth.  It might include a calendar page for the month the baby was born and a calendar page for each month after that for the time period the book is intended to cover and the new parents would make notes about things that happened for during that time – opposite each calendar page would be a page of pictures taken during that month.  Baby books are frequently made in advance so the parents can fill them in during that first year or two -- in that case, blank spaces are left for photos to be added later.  

See my Calendar Album under Services or you might want to consider an installment program with one or two pages per month for the first year so each month the previous month's information and photo(s) are designed into a layout.  

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In addition to the usual pictures of kids and the things they do and the places they go, Childhood books might include such things as artwork, awards they received, report cards, programs of events they were in, and anything else pertaining to the child.

See my Calendar Album under Services or you might want to consider an installment program with one or two pages per month so each month the previous month's information and photo(s) are designed into a layout.  

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Event books cover a single event.  It might be a wedding, a special party, a camping trip, travel to another state or country, etc., and the preparations leading up to that main event.

Event books can also be made for such things as the building of a new home or the remodeling/redecorating of an older one.

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Theme books are similar to event books except are based on a idea rather than an event.  They might include various events in that theme, such as a birthday theme – you could include a number of birthday celebrations over a period of years or for more than one person in the same book.  Other example would be Christmas or pets or friends.  One feature of this type book is that the pages have a similar look throughout.

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