Album prices include a binder of my choice.  You may provide your own binder or ask me to acquire a specific type of binder for which there may be an additional charge.

Prices do not include sales tax or shipping.

Basic charges must be paid in advance and agreed-upon, additional charges must be paid at the time of delivery or before the completed project will be shipped if I can't deliver it personally.   Depending on the number of hours involved in additional services, I may request additional payment at other times.

If you request additional work for which there is a charge such as photo repair, and narrative writing, that charge will be quoted in advance and the final charge will never be more than the quote but may be billed at a lower amount if I over-estimate that time involved.   See Additional Services for rates.

Emails will be considered the same as written authorization for the purposes of authorizing additional work, quotes for that work, and any other instructions requiring a signature except for the actual client agreement.

The client must complete and sign a client agreement (hardcopy) for the overall job and a page planner for each layout (one or two pages).  These documents can be downloaded from the Forms page.