How your album is created

One current method of creating attractive presentation books combining pictures and stories is through the use of digital images.  I specialize in this method, which means that your original photos and memorabilia items are returned to you unaltered.  Since I scan all photos and other items to be included, I can resize them so that the smallest picture can become the focal point of a page if that's what you want.  Also, you can include representations of all types of memorabilia that you wouldn’t want to affix permanently to a page so Grandma's dresser scarf can be part of the background or Mom's brooch can become a decorative element on a page.  

To open a new window and view an example, Click here.

Your books can be organized in whatever way appeals to you.  Some familiar favorites are described on the “Types of Albums” page but you are in charge of your books so you decide what you want and I make them your way.

Because your pages are created as digital images, they will be processed for your presentation book as photographs, which have a proven record of longevity when stored properly.  When you have a full album created, I will provide an archival-quality binder and your completed pages will be in a safe environment from the very beginning.  Even if you order individual pages, they will be delivered to you in archival page protectors so they will start in a safe environment.  If you so desire, I can have the pages printed and bound into a hardcover book for an additional charge.  Please ask for a quote if you are interested in that option.