Getting started

My goal is to create the album you want -- one that you and your family will treasure for years to come.  The following is a list of the steps to accomplish that end.  (This assumes you are ordering a complete album.  If you are not ordering a complete album, these steps may be modified somewhat to accommodate your actual order.)

  • Call me for an appointment -- see Contact Me page.
  • Initial consultation -- this can be done by telephone or in person depending on your location.   At this time, we will determine your needs regarding the services I offer.  We will also create an estimate of the number of pages that will be required and I'll give you a quote for your investment.
  • You sign the contract and make the required payment.
  • You provide your photos and other items for inclusion.  (Please don't ask me to accept photos for which you don't own the copyright -- ask me if you're not sure.)
  • We will then determine more specifically what you want in terms of colors, style, and the general feel you want for your album.
  • I'll do my work and give you proofs at agreed upon points along the way.
  • When all work is completed and has been approved by you, and after final payment (if any) has been received, I'll have the pages printed and complete the album.
  • Finally, I'll deliver your album to you -- in person if you are in the Austin area or, if you're not, by one of the three standard delivery services (FedEx, UPS, or the US Post Office).